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DAC Law & Consultancy - Law Firm in Istanbul Turkey - Attorneys at Law

DAC Law & Consulting is a law firm operating in Istanbul. Since its establishment, it has become one of the full-service law firms in Turkey and Istanbul with its high quality and broad portfolio of legal services offered to local and foreign clients.

As DAC, our areas of expertise include Criminal Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Contracts Law, Real Estate Law, Lease Law, Family Law, Labor Law, Litigation and Trial Advocacy, Immigration and Citizenship Law.

DAC Law & Consultancy provides the best and most effective legal support with its expert team of lawyers and works in a client-first and result-oriented manner. Our office is staffed by lawyers who are fluent in English.

In order to reach fast and effective solutions and to provide comprehensive advocacy and consultancy services, our office provides solutions to the problems faced by its clients as soon as possible with a quality and reliable service understanding through expert consultants in various fields.


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Uncontested Divorce Case, Divorce Case, Alimony Increase Case, Service Determination Case, Criminal Case, Serious Criminal Case, Drug Crimes Case, Land Registry Cancellation and Registration Cases, Land Registry Correction Case, Unfair Occupation Compensation Case (Ecrimisil Case), Prevention of Unfair Seizure Case (Müdahalenin Meni Case), Preemption Case, Repossession Case, Elimination of Partnership Case (İzaleyi Şuyu Case), Preparation of Construction Contract in Return for Flat, Real Estate Sales Promise Contract, Expropriation, Urgent Expropriation Lawsuits, Non-expropriation Lawsuits, Right of Way Lawsuits, Removal of Mortgage Lawsuits, Mortgage Lawsuits, All Types of Rent Disputes, Rent Determination Lawsuits, Rent Adjustment Case, Eviction of the Lessee, Eviction Case Due to the Need, Eviction Case Due to the Need of the New Owner, Enforcement Proceedings with Eviction Request, Collection of Rent Receivables, Cancellation of Objection, Contested Divorce Case,

Reemployment Case, Defamation Case, Eviction Case, Tenkis Case, Compensation Case, Custody Case, İzale-i Şuyu Case, Preparation and Sample of Lease Agreement, Preparation and Sample of Eviction Commitment, Case Petition and Protocol Sample

If you are looking for a Lawyer and Law Firm for DAC Law & Consulting is the right choice for you.


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